About Us

After more than 15 years of experience in the electronic payments industry, GovPros Co-founders could not find a municipal, county, or state government payment processing option that offered its clients both reliability and the freedom of simplicity. Our leadership team recognized the overwhelming benefits of creating a custom, all-in-one payment platform to better serve in-person and online government payment collection.

By developing a product for today’s market with features such as industry leading smart chip / EMV readiness, 24 hour next-day funding, and true, real-time reporting, the GovPros integration team is capable and ready to facilitate the intricacies, reporting, and processes that are most important to your office. We believe that simplicity, reliability, and customer care are essential to the success of your stewardship; we are committed to providing excellent support to you and to your community throughout the GovPros experience.


Industry Leading

  • NFC / EMV Chip Card Ready
  • 24 hour Next Day Funding
  • PCI Compliance Experts

All-in-one Acceptance

  • Credit / Debit
  • ACH / E-Check
  • Cash Receipting

All-in-one Solution

  • Over the Counter
  • On the phone
  • Online payments

All-in-one Reporting

  • Department Reconciliation made simple
  • Custom, Robust, Real-Time Reporting
  • Accounting Reports emailed daily

Simple, User-Friendly Interface


400 Renaissance Center Dr. Suite 2600 Detroit, MI 48243